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WikiMining, WikiNetworks and Wikinomics

IT Outsourcing Relationships in Australia

Network analysis of media ownership in Australia

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Relationship Management: The new IT Competency

Multi-sourcing in the networked marketplace: What you can see is what you get.

Trends in Collaboration Practices and Technology 

Balancing business process with business practice for organizational advantage

Does your Community Leave a Digital Footprint?

How IT can help Build and Sustain an Organisation’s Communities of Practice: Spanning the Socio-Technical Divide.
(Published in Knowledge Networks: Innovation Through Communities of Practice. Editors Paul Hildreth & Chris Kimble, Idea Group Inc.)

Knowledge Sharing Metrics for Large Organisations

Re-humanising the corporation: Don't automate - facilitate!

Where Business Process Meets Business Practice

 How "lntelligent" Manufacturing Firms Build Social, Economic and Shareholder Value

Social Capital: The new driver for corporate success.
(Published in Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques: Practitioners and Experts Evaluate KM Solutions, Madanmohan Rao (ed.), Butterworth-Heinemann, 2004.)

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Relationship Networks


Academic Papers

Killen, C.P., Kjaer, C., 2012, Understanding project interdependencies: The role of visual representation, culture and process, International Journal of Project Management.

Managing project interdependencies: exploring new approaches, Killen C P, Krumbeck B, Kjaer C and Durant-Law, G A (2009), Managing Projects, Program and Ventures in Times of Uncertainty and Disruptive Change, Asia Pacific Expert Seminar, APES 2009, 19-20 November 2009, Sydney, Australia.

The following papers have been developed from Laurence Lock Lee's PhD thesis entitled "Corporate Social Capital and Firm Performance in the Global Information Technology Services Sector" submitted at the University of Sydney during 2007 and awarded March 2008. The book version has been published by VDM for purchase e.g. from Amazon and other resellers.

Presented at 2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Annaheim, August

Corporate Social Capital and Firm Performance

Presented at 4th UK Social Networks Conference, London, July 2008

Governance and Corporate Social Capital

 Thesis Summary Paper

Vizualizing the Intellectual Capital of Markets

Presented at the International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics, Matera, Italy, June 2008

The Role of Corporate Social Capital in Business Innovation Networks

"IT Governance in a Networked World: Multisourcing strategies and Social Capital for Corporate Computing"

A Decade of IT Outsourcing in Australia: A Corporate Social Capital Perspective


IT Governance in a Networked World

Corporate Social Capital and Firm Performance




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