Succession and Retention Planning : Who should you REALLY be planning for?

Are you concerned about and aging workforce and knowledge working out of the door?

Being classified as a 'manager' isn't necessarily equal to being indispensable. Rather you need to ask yourself:

  • Who do people always turn to for insights and advice?
  • Who connects different parts of the organisation?
  • Who would really 'fracture' your organisation if they leave?

Just imagine how powerful this would be for concentrating your succession planning effort where they REALLY matter.

We have the tools and technique to determine exactly WHO glues together your organisation. We map intra- inter-organisational collaboration and communication patterns which enables you to visualise relationships.

The data behind the map is collected using Optimice's unique Organisational Network Analysis Survey tool ( map is dynamically generated and presented in an format which allows it to be analysed make management decisions based on facts.

Who do you work with?

The map below provides a unique prism into a subset of a large Australian organisation's collaboration patterns. We simply ask questions like "What do you do, and who do you rely on to get work done?". The we map collaboration patterns between the individuals and use colors to highlight collaboration patterns between business units, technical disciplines, locations etc.

This evidence-based approach to identifying people for Succession Planning will ensure that you focus your attention on staff where you will get the highest return on your effort.

Interactive Succession Planning Map

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