Optimice - Social Network Analysis Capabilities

Optimice is a consulting firm specialising in mapping social networks. We have extensive experience and have delivered projects across Australia, Europe and North America. To deliver key insights within a short timeframe we have developed a set of supporting technologies:

  • ONA Surveys - Specialised survey tool for running Social Network Analysis survey
  • Webmapper - Unique network visualisation tool specifically developed to help us and our partners solve complex problems with clients
  • Network Analytics - Analytics module that provides special network insight and complements Webmapper

Below you can explore an example map and supporting analytics. More information about ONA Surveys can be found at www.onasurveys.com.

Webmapper - Example Map

Use the fly in/out menu to change views, filters and map settings. This is particular powerful in workshop settings where we compare assumptions against reality.

Network Analytics - Example Data

The Network Analytics strongly compliments the interactive network maps, and the various tabs represent examples of key measures that we have developed over many years. We have found that these metrics provide our clients with the best insights and opportunities for setting specific improvement goals.

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