Industry Network Maps - Visual Markets

See how suppliers are connected to customers or how suppliers are connected to other suppliers via product channels or supply chains.

What is it?

  • We identify the contractual and partnering relationship between vendors and their clients.
  • We make competitive position visible.
  • We provide unique market insights not previously possible with traditional techniques.

Insights for Vendors

  • For the first time allow market place actors to see the full extent of the competitive environment.
  • By understanding how the market place is structured, readers can move to a whole new level of market intelligence, far beyond simple market share analysis.
  • Vendors are able to see how they are positioned against the competition.
  • Major product vendors can assess how effective their channel partners are placed.

Insights for Clients

  • Customers can see the full complexity of the vendor side of the market. Are they overlapping? Are there under-serviced gaps in the market place?
  • Which vendors are regular alliance partners?
  • What collection of vendors are other firms like yourself employing?
  • Which vendors appear over stretched and therefore potentially a risk? Which vendors should form part of your multi-sourced procurement strategy?

What's on the map

The map provides a unique visual representation of the IT Software and Services contracts awarded in the Telecoms industry in Australia and New Zealand between 2006-2009.

  Client (buyer)
  Serviceprovider (seller)
  Both Client/Serviceprovider (both)


Exploring the map

Use the search-field below to explore an organisation's market ecology.

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