Organisational Network Analysis - Online Practitioner Course

Delivered by Optimice / ONA Surveys in collaboration with Patti Anklam and Marc Smith.

Optimising and managing your business relationships can both be pervasive and directly impact your bottom line. The ability of your staff to build effective and productive interactions both inside and outside your organization is a key challenge. While mature methods and tools have been available for analysing production processes, the same cannot be said for businesses that rely on people interactions.

Course Overview

This virtual training program provides an optimal blend of learning methods combining self-paced e-learning and instructor-led virtual modules, which will introduce participants to the power of Organisational Network Analysis. In this highly interactive course participants will learn to build the practical skill base required to conduct Organisational Network Analysis.

Case studies are presented describing how ONA benefits have been achieved at the individual, intra- and inter-enterprise level. “Hand-on” sessions are included to enable participants to experience firsthand, the power of analysing relationship networks across an organisation. The course also covers how to collect and analyse social media data from Twitter and Facebook to map out the network that surrounds your organisation.

This is a comprehensive blended learning course that includes 10 hours of training over 5 weeks covering:

  • Self-paced e-learning (4 hours)
    • Introduction to Social/Organisational Network Analysis
    • Network patterns and metrics
    • Software tools for network analysis
    • Managing an ONA Project

  • Module 1: Scoping your ONA Project (2 hour virtual session hosted by Patti Anklam)
    • Determining which business problem to solve with ONA
    • Review of case-studies
    • Determining your questions

  • Module 2: Setting up your ONA survey (2 hour virtual session hosted by Cai Kjaer / Laurence Lock Lee)
    • Setting up your survey
    • Working with mailing lists and other lists
    • Creating relationship sets and network questions
    • Previewing and launching the survey
    • Tracking progress and downloading responses

  • Module 3: Visualise networks with NodeXL (2 hour virtual session hosted by Marc Smith)
    • Getting started with NodeXL
    • Calculating and visualizing network metrics
    • Preparing data and filtering
    • Importing data from Social Media tools
    • Clustering and grouping

During these modules there will be a significant amount of discussion and hands-on time with the tools needed to conduct ONA projects.

In addition to this each participant will get:

  • Reading Material: 1 copy of “Analysing Social Media Networks with NodeXL” by D Hansen, B Shneiderman and M Smith (2010). The list price for this book is US$44.95

  • ONA Surveys: 1 year full individual subscription to ONA Surveys ( ONA Surveys is a world leading survey tool for collecting relationship data. The 1 year professional subscription normally costs US$749.

  • On-line Collaboration: Permanent access to an online discussion group where participants can share experiences and ask questions to the instructors in between modules.

  • Toll free phone number: Free phone number to participate in virtual training modules.

Prerequities and Requirements

There are no specific prerequisites for attending this course in terms of prior knowledge about Organisational Network Analysis. However, access to a PC/laptop with good internet access (not dial-up) is required. This is because the virtual instructor-led modules are delivered over the Internet.

Also, prior to participating in module 3 (visualizing your networks with NodeXL), the NodeXL plug-in must be installed in Microsoft Excel on the PC you will be using during the session. NodeXL works with Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 and must be installed successfully before attending the module (Note: NodeXL is currently not available for Mac users).

It is also very likely that a plug-in needs to be installed on your PC’s Internet browser for the virtual classroom to function correctly.

Expert Instructors

Your course instructors are all experts in the field of Organisational Network Analysis:

Cai Kjaer and Laurence Lock Lee are leading ONA experts located in Sydney, Australia and have completed more than 50 ONA projects for commercial clients internationally. They have a strong focus on making network analysis simple and impactful and have published widely on Organisational Network Analysis. Cai and Laurence are partners in the Australian consulting company Optimice and are the key people behind the leading tool for collecting data for ONA projects –

For more information about Cai, Laurence and Optimice please visit

Patti Anklam is an US-based independent consultant with expertise in collaboration practices, social network analysis, value network analysis, and knowledge management systems strategy and architecture. Patti has experience and expertise that encompasses people, process, and technology and likes to work with organizations who are adopting collaborative processes and networked approaches in both the business and nonprofit sectors.

For more information about Patti please visit

Marc Smith is a sociologist specializing in the social organisation of online communities and computer mediated interaction. He founded and managed the Community Technologies Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington and led the development of social media reporting and analysis tools for Telligent Systems. Marc leads the Connected Action consulting group and lives and works in Silicon Valley, California. He is a co-founder of the Social Media Research Foundation, which is dedicated to Open Tools, Open Data, and Open Scholarship related to social media.

For more information about Marc please visit For more information about NodeXL please visit

Registration and Course Calendar

A number of ONA Practitioner Courses are available to suit the timezones of participants located in the US, Europe and/or Asia-Pacific (but not restricted to these regions). Contact us (use form below) to register your interest.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The total price US$ 1,599.00 per participant. A group discount of 20% is available when 3 or more participants from the same organisation register at the same time. Contact us using the form below to organise group discounts.
  2. No more than 8 people will be allowed to join a virtual session to ensure optimal time for each participant
  3. A minimum of 4 participants are required for a course to run. A full refund will be offered in case the course is cancelled.
  4. Refunds are not provided unless expressly stated.
  5. If you have paid the registration fee, but cannot attend you are welcome to send another participant.

Got a Question?

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