How are your partnerships going?

The Partnership Scorecard™ has been designed by Optimice Pty Ltd to assist partnering organisations to better manage and monitor their internal or external business relationships.

  • Do things seem to be quite civil and cordial most of the time....except when something goes wrong and that's when the accusations and finger pointing start in earnest?

  • Do you find that the partners are largely delivering on what is contracted but each party is still not happy with the overall arrangement?

  • Do you find that it is the "intangible" elements in the partnership that are causing most grief? E.g. little reciprocity, little or no proactive behaviour, differing perspectives, limited trust in each other etc.

The Partnership Scorecard™ was a Finalist for the CeBIT 2008 Early Innovators Award.

Partnership Scorecard Cebit 2008 Finalist

Want to know more?

The Partnership Scorecard™ is unique because it caters for the critical intangible aspects that can make or break a partnership. It operationalises the accountability of the value flows down to the role level.

With the Partnership Scorecard™ individuals know precisely what they are accountable for and to whom.

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