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5th International Conference on Communities & Technologies – C&T 2011

29 June – 2 July 2011, The Edge, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

The biennial Communities and Technologies (C&T) conference is the premier international forum for stimulating scholarly debate and disseminating research on the complex connections between communities – both physical and virtual – and information and communication technologies.

Together with Optimice, C&T is bringing you a unique platform to find people at the conference who share your interests.

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Please select 5 areas you are interested in (#1 is top and #5 is lowest priority)
Area 1 2 3 4 5  
Augmented Reality   
Civic Intelligence   
Context and Location Awareness   
Community-centred Design and Evaluation Methodologies   
Community Engagement   
E-research with Communities   
E-government and E-governance   
Smart Community Services   
Universal Usability and Accessibility   
Urban Informatics   
Tangible Interfaces for Community Interaction   
Technologies of Scale Making   
Visualisation Techniques   
Working across Cultures   

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