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Joining is simple. Just fill in the fields below and rank your top 5 interests. As a friend of Optimice you will immediately be included in our network map which links you to all our other friends based on common interests, and a copy of our quarterly newsletter.

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Please select 5 areas you are interested in (#1 is top and #5 is lowest priority)
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Partnership Scorecards   
Relationship-based Selling   
Social Capital   
Social/Organisational Network Analysis   
Trust in Networks   
Value Network Analysis   

Explore Network Map of Common Interests

Our Friends of Optimice community is rapidly growing. Below you will find a map which shows how our friends are connected through overlapping interests. We have been applying this technique for several years at large conference in Australia and overseas.

Click on a person to see what they are interested in, and who else are interested in the same areas. Note: We are only displaying people with a high degree of overlapping interests.

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