Mapping The Mining Services Portfolio

This is a map of the Mining Services Portfolio Network. It shows how the services categories used by Austmine which are clustered based on common suppliers providing these services. A complementary map of how suppliers are connected by common service offerings can be seen here.

By moving the 'strength' slider you can expose the strongest clusters.

Potential applications could be in assessing relative strength and weakness areas, for companies looking to enter the market or adjust their own portfolios to take advantage of market gaps.

What's Interesting?

When the 'weakest' connections are filtered out we see a clear clutering around two different types of offerings. One appears to be mostly equipment and supplies and the other mostly around services.

From an Australian industry perspective, organisations like Austmine could use the map to demonstrate the depth or capability in certain areas for collectively marketing to overseas markets. Globally we could start to see how well the market of suppliers were meeting the needs of the industry.

Who Are We?

Optimice assists its clients improve their organisational performance through superior facilitation of both internal and external networks.

Interested in Partnering?

We have previously applied our business intelligence techniques to the IT marketplace and are now interested in exploring the Mining & Resources marketplace. We believe that our 'network' view can provide some unique and value adding capability to those already operating in this marketplace. We are therefore open to partnering arrangements. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about partnering.

How to Navigate the Map

  • Move the 'strength' slider from left to right. This filters out the weaker links and shows the stronger clusters of services.

  • Hover over a service to see the companies providing this.

  • Search for a supplier by typing and selecting their name in the search box. This will show only their direct connections.

  • Zoom in and out, or view the map full screen.

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