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Who Would You Like to Sit Near at Work? Read our recent Harvard Business Review Supplement article. Read article.

Social Network Analysis made simple. A quick introduction to the basic terms. Read post.

Leading from the bottom.Our blog post in the inverted hiearchy model. Read post.

Workplace, space and connectedness is the title of our latest blog post. Read post.

Optimice featured in HR Monthly Magazine 2013 on the importance of people networks for the HR function. Read article.

Is your Social Capital Helping or Hindering Your Leadership Aspirations?: White paper.

Engage with your stakeholders: Learn about our approach to Stakeholder Engagement in this new presentation.

Partner with Optimice: We are continually looking for partners who want to 'leverage' their market offerings by including a 'relationship network' theme. Go to our partner page.

Case-study: Visualise your social networks

The video shows how social network analysis and visualisation can uncover the otherwise invisble relationships between staff.

We map and improve business relationships with Social Network Analysis

Optimice are highly experienced practitioners in Social Network Analysis with toolsets designed for business.

Explore on-line visualisations of business relationships networks

We have just published a series of exciting and insightful on-line and inter-active visualizations of business relationships for demonstration purposes.

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